Real-Time Decisions Insights Deliver Value in ‘Moments That Matter’ to Customers

Real-time analytics enriches our knowledge about preferences and behaviors, capturing and folding in on-the-spot observations. The profusion of digital tools with which we interact with our customers and prospective customers today lets us capture these touchpoints with a high level of precision. These observations can then translate into insights, decisions and actions that enhance the customer experience at moments that matter.

Real-time insights provide context that enable immediate decisions to be made and actions taken. Real-time decisioning relies on the most current information, typically delivered with near-zero latency. Programmatic decisions can then be made instantly using a combination of observed actions and historical background. These decisions are contextual and often highly personalized. They may be shaped by the context of the interaction or come in the form of a preformatted response to a frequently observed chain of interactions.

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