UltraReputation: Reducing Online Fraud and Risk During COVID-19

Best Practices for Mitigating Risk in a Rapidly Changing Environment

Since the start of the pandemic, ecommerce sales have increased by 55%. Fraudsters quickly seized on opportunities to do what they do best —scam and steal. Prior to COVID-19, Gartner analysts had forecast an 8% decrease in fraud for 2020 but have since revised the projection to an increase of 10-15%. And, according to Forrester Bot traffic accounted for almost 40 percent of all online traffic on the internet in 2019, and the majority of it was malicious. 

Companies are working hard to manage both the change in purchasing behavior and the increase in fraud activity—but the tools they use continue to frustrate and alienate customers. There is a better way—with IP risk insights.

UltraReputation is an authoritative source of risk scoring data for IP addresses, providing critical information on routable IPv4 and IPv6 addresses worldwide. It enables you to assess the risk associated with a device that’s attempting to access your network, corporate resources, or intellectual property, in real time, without requiring any action by the user or other entity behind that device.

Your business can gain immediate risk evaluation insights for visitors using UltraReputation data without compromising the user experience in any way.

This white paper describes the information and insight that UltraReputation can provide your business, as well as the data at its foundation. It also details how you can leverage it to support your efforts in the following areas:

  1. Registration and Authentication Fraud Prevention

  2. Online Transaction Fraud Prevention

  3. Active Threat Prevention

  4. Click Fraud and Ad Fraud Prevention