Software Composition Analysis: Why Now?

Market Trends and Business Drivers – A Webinar Featuring Forrester

It’s a very different environment today. You’re doing more with less. Budgets are reduced. Work-from-home is the norm, not the exception. Competitive pressures to innovate and get to market quicker than the next guy are more urgent than ever. The response to this urgency most likely involves the use of open source.

Open source software use is on the rise because—pandemic or not—it creates long-term business benefits. Have you considered how to shore up your application security efforts?

Watch this webinar with guest speaker Sandy Carielli, Principal Analyst at Forrester, and learn:

      1. Trends in application security and open source adoption
      2. Software Composition Analysis (SCA) in the age of COVID-19
      3. The benefits of leveraging open source and an SCA strategy
      4. Steps to build a business case for SCA

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