Contract Automation: Flexential's Key to Shortening the Sales Cycle by 25%

Discover how Flexential was able to achieve 75% fewer manual transactions and go from three dedicated team members to two team members spending 25% of their time managing contract paperwork.

For Flexential, a company that delivers secure and compliant IT infrastructure services, the people-side of tech is central to their success. After a merger, their sales process was in need of a transformation. They had a homegrown quoting system and a third party contract lifecycle management tool in place, but sales reps still struggled to customize complex quotes with the right products and terms, negotiations were slow and painful, and getting completed contract data where it needed to be was manual and error-prone.

Download this case study to learn why Flexential’s sales process became much more efficient when they started automating how they prepared, signed, acted and managed agreements; including:

  • 25% reduction in sales cycle,
  • Zero document errors,
  • 75% fewer manual transactions,
  • Plus, how they simplified complex workflows, and more.

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